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SBH Sightseeing Shopping Beach Break Private Group Custom tour from Montego bay Cruise Ships porting for a day on the Island of Jamaica. Take your individual Private Group be it family or Friends on a Private Guided day of Sights Shopping and the Beach for a Varied day that can be appreciated by all i Montego bay . Sightseeing in the city of Montego Bay view historical building and slave era monuments, heritage sights, local. These are where you find the simple gift items bracelets,hats,unique, Jamaican wear and fashions,memorable coffee, rums,clothing ,the kinda items that says" this is from my trip to Jamaica" . Booking is Easy! Choose 1 Adult for Groups 1-6 $293.00 Choose 2 Adults for Group 7-10 $350.00 Choose 3 Adults for Group 11-14 $380.00
Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : Flexible
Duration : 6
Maximum number of people : 14
Venue Facilities : Bus/beach/city/sights/shops/bazzar
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